Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The President's Proclamation on National Foster Care Month

Although it’s a couple of weeks old I just read President Barack Obama’s recent Proclamation on National Foster Care Month.

As for U.S. government involvement, I learned that:

*Through the Affordable Care Act, beginning in 2014, every State will be required to extend Medicaid coverage up to age 26 for former foster youth who “age out” of foster care.
*A program called the Permanency Innovations Initiative, under the Department of Health and Human Services, is investing $100 million over five years in new strategies to identify permanent homes for youth in long-term foster care.
Furthermore, the President of the United States said in his proclamation:

“National Foster Care Month is a time to reflect on the many ways government, social workers, foster families, religious institutions, and others are helping improve the lives of children in foster care, and it also serves as a reminder that we cannot rest until every child has a safe, loving, and permanent home. Together, we give thanks to those individuals from all walks of life who have opened their hearts and their homes to a child, and we rededicate ourselves to ensuring a bright and hopeful future for America's foster youth.”

Regardless of where you see yourself on the political spectrum- (conservative, liberal, moderate, etc.) I hope we can all agree that CHILDREN are our most precious resource and foster children, who come into care through no fault of their own, need our support to find safe and loving homes.


  1. That information is good to know. My heart always aches for those children that age out of foster care with no support services. At least having medical coverage until age 26 is one support they can count on. As a Mom, I think this country should put children first, and work diligently to help all children, especially those needing permanency.

    The Queen Mama

  2. I absolutely agree with putting children first, Queen Mama!

  3. I see so many kids who aged out of the system. And so often they struggle. They don't get what they need during their tenure in foster care to make it - successfullly - in the real world. The whole system is so messy and screwed up. Ugh. I find the whole thing impossibly frustrating.