Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Perspectives from Those Who Are Adopted

Most of the blogs I have listed on my sidebar are about families who have adopted or fostered. I can easily relate to the struggles and joys they have gone through as they build their families through adoption.

Some of the blogs on my sidebar are written by birthmothers. Although I have no idea what it is like to be in their situation, I admire them for the obvious reason that the option to adopt wouldn't exist without their selflessness.

I only have two blogs on my sidebar, however, which were written by people who were adopted:

Valerie is not only adopted, but she is a birthmom as well. Valerie is an advocate for open adoption and she was recently the keynote speaker at the FSA Northeast Regional Conference in Pennsylvania.

Peter is an adopted Korean American. His blog, Adoptee Voice, has been particularly educational for me to read as he shares his feelings and perspectives as an adopted Korean American.

I think it's absolutely essential to try to see things from all perspectives of the adoption triad in order to gain a solid understanding of adoption.

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