Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update on George

-George’s hoarding issues have pretty much disappeared. In fact, a couple of times at the dinner table he’s actually left some food on his plate which made me wonder “Is this the same little boy from six weeks ago who would have a tantrum after each meal when we cleared the table?”

-He’s doing much better with bedtime and sleeping at night and usually only wakes up once during the night if it all. And to think that I thought I wouldn’t have to get up in the middle of the night with this placement just because we weren’t taking a baby!

-My relationship with his parents at weekly visits is good- we all get along fine because we respect the roles we have in George’s life. As for the two mommies issue, his parents refer to me as “Mommy Mary” at visits. After they give him goodbye hugs and kisses they say, “It’s time to go home with Mommy Mary.”

-George turns two this week! At his last visit with his parents they brought him some balloons and a present and had their own little party.  We haven't quite decided how to celebrate his birthday this weekend- Chuck E. Cheese perhaps?  One thing is certain, he certainly won't be lacking for presents this month with his birthday and Christmas so close together. 


jendoop said...

So happy to hear his issues resolving. It will only make life easier for him. It's nice to see payoffs for the discipline you've suffered through!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little George! He's a lucky boy that his parents actually acknowledge his birthday, my children's parents don't. It's great that you and his parents have an understanding relationship.

Mom Forever said...

It's amazing what a stable and healthy environment does for a child! We saw so many changes in our sweet children over time.

Referring to a frustration mentioned in a previous post of yours...I can't help but think that sometimes those relatives come out of the woodwork because they see the changes in the children after they have been with their foster family for a while. Our children's bf didn't seem to have any interest in them until they were placed with us and he started seeing their behaviors improve. We heard our children described to us as being like animals before we had them and one of them was thought to be mentally challenged by his bio family. I can assure you that they are all very intelligent and well-behaved children now. Love and stability works miracles!