Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ten Days Notice

It’s been two weeks since we got our “Ten Day Notice” that George will be removed from our home. Still no word about when he can start his transitional visits with his new foster family and, likewise, still no word about WHEN he will be leaving our home.

On the one hand I guess I can’t take it personally that our questions aren’t being answered, because I know we’re not the only foster family out there and George is currently in a safe place so perhaps DCFS is thinking his case isn’t a priority compared to the gazillion other cases they have. On the other hand, it sure would be nice if my family would be considered more than just a “glorified babysitter” for the state. {Glorified babysitter is a term I read on Mama Foster’s blog that resonated with me.}

Most importantly, each day that George remains with us is another day that he will become increasingly attached to us while he could be attaching to his new caregivers. Who knows what his new family is thinking while having to wait to meet him- their background checks have passed (and that can take up to a couple of months), their training is completed and their home study has been approved. Patience is a virtue- or rather a necessity so you don’t lose your mind- when doing foster care!


Julie said...

Mary, I totally get you. Remember back on December 7 when they told me Little Dude would be leaving in just a few weeks, likely before Christmas? Yep, I tucked him into bed tonight. There is never a "plan" that goes the way it "should"... at least that's my experience.

Unknown said...

Why is George moving to another foster family? Is it only a case worker decision?

-Special Mothertivity- said...

Oh my... That would not go over well with me. I don't know how people decide to foster parent without divine direction as that is what it will take for me to handle all the frustration and heartache.
I wish there was something that could be done to get the system straightened out.

Mary said...


Penny- He is moving to a kinship placement- which is good that relatives came forward so early in the case. It's not just a caseworker decision- she's following policy and from what I understand the lawyers and judge are in agreement and this other foster family is ready and waiting, so I'm not sure why things aren't moving forward.

Melanie- Divine direction definitely helps. Otherwise I would have thrown in the towel long ago!

aka. Mimi said...

I'm still in shock that your caseworker said she was "required to give you 10 days notice! Here, foster parents are required to give 30 days notice if they need to have a child moved to another home, but CPS basically can take the children whenever they want. I generally get a phone call saying, "The kids are going home today. I'm on my way to get them." I've pretty much learned that CPS runs on their own timeclock. You just have to be flexible and patient. Unfortunately, patience isn't one of my finer virtues. :-)