Monday, July 18, 2011

Our First Emergency Placement

To get caught up on our latest adventure in fostering start HERE.
A couple of days after our RFC informed us about a possible kinship placement for Precious, we got a call back from Precious’s caseworker that her relative’s background checks had been cleared and they would be approved to have her moved to their home.
Incidentally, it was only a couple of hours after I had told Precious that she would be leaving our home and going to leave with relatives that she said out of the blue: “Mary- Love you!”  And this is the same little girl who’s favorite word is “Hate”?  I thought to myself.  A list of her daily complaints in her little raspy voice echoed through my mind:  “I HATE the toyroom!  I HATE taking naps!  I HATE shampoo! etc, etc. etc.”  
Exactly one week after she was placed in our care, we dropped Precious off at the DCFS building to say goodbye to her and make the transition into her relative’s care. 
As relieved as I am that she’s gone I also felt like I was going to cry after I hugged her for the last time.


Julie said...

What a week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an emotional week!!! Glad that they were able to find relatives and she was able to find a more permanent family!

Mary said...

Wow! I need to check back more often. I try to make the reading rounds more but sometimes summer gets in the way. What an emotional week for all of you. I always think I could foster, but I know we couldn't handle that as a family...too much loss with some of our children already to keep repeating that. I understand completely what you say about wanting to mother. Best to you and your family.