Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy 10 Year Foster-versary to Us!

So we got this yesterday:

Ten years ago this month we became licensed foster care providers.  We decided to renew our license for a tenth year not so much because we are in a hurry for another placement or to adopt again- quite the contrary- it would be so much easier NOT to foster anymore because our lives are busy enough and our home is crowded enough with just our own three children.

We renewed our license because we know there is a great need for foster homes and we have room for another child. That's it.

I love this quote by William Wilberforce:

[Amazing Grace is one of my husband's favorite movies and it has a great soundtrack, too.]

This past decade has definitely had it's share of heartaches and frustrations but we have also had moments of joy and tremendous growth and learning.


rebecca said...

Those quotes really tug at my heart strings. We feel called to foster but it's hard to imagine HOW with our young family.

Mary said...

I don't know your situation, Rebecca so take this with a grain of salt: Maybe wait a couple years till your kids are older? Just because you don't do it now doesn't mean it will never happen- especially if you feel called to foster. God will provide a way! Best of luck.