Thursday, March 4, 2010

Disappointed But Not Devastated

We got a call today from our adoption caseworker informing us that the birth grandparents chose a couple to place their grandson with. The good news is that there is a family out there who is overjoyed to welcome a little boy into their family. The disappointing news is that we are not that family.

Many couples have encountered trials along the way to adding to their families, so why should we be any different?

Some women suffer miscarriages or have to endure the heartache of delivering a stillborn baby as they try to have more children. Others have to endure expensive & physically and emotionally taxing fertility treatments in an attempt to conceive. Others have had to deal with the agony of a contested adoption, a disrupted placement, or suffer from an "adoption miscarriage".

I personally don't know what it's like to suffer from any of the heartbreaking trials I've just mentioned, but THIS MUCH I DO KNOW . . .

Any disappointments, detours, and delays we encountered before we adopted M. made us CHERISH her ALL THE MORE when she finally came into our lives.

So we're just considering this another "delay" or "detour" on our current adoption journey and any more disappointments we have to face before our next child comes into our lives will make the experience all the sweeter.


Candice said...

What a roller coaster. Your perspective & faith are so inspiring!

i'vegotjoy said...

Mary, you're a saint! You have the patience of Job and such incredible faith. I appreciate your strength and your example. You're in my prayers.

Mom Forever said...

I'm sorry you weren't chosen. I know God has something (someone) great for you!