Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Hope Challenge

Want to support and educate young women facing unintended pregnancy with THE POSITIVE OPTION OF ADOPTION?

Want more CHILDREN to find LOVING, PERMANENT HOMES?  (I do!)

If so, please visit to learn more about a fundraising campaign aimed to do just that.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Case Closed

Although it hasn’t quite been 90 days since Rose left our home and started the Trial Home Placement with her parents, her Permanency Hearing was held last week.   Because of the progress her parents have made, DCFS requested to close the case and return Rose to her parent’s custody.  The judge agreed with DCFS’s decision and I am sure her parents are  both relieved and elated with the judge’s ruling. 

We would love to see Rose again soon (I’ve only corresponded twice with her mom since she’s been gone) but we know that seeing her will be a bit bittersweet and stir up many feelings of grief and loss within us.  We also don’t want to confuse her if we show up and then leave (if she remembers us, that is).   I can understand why some birthparents would prefer a closed adoption over an open one.  Even so, we’re grateful for the opportunity we have to remain in contact.