Friday, April 2, 2010

Feeling Lucky

Remember the giveaway for the book I mentioned in this post?


(Book Review Coming Soon)

I guess it pays to stalk blogs (adoption and foster-care related blogs are my personal favorites) because yesterday as I was getting caught up on my reading I discovered that I had won yet ANOTHER GIVEAWAY which happens to be the fourth giveaway I've entered & won on an adoption-related blog in the past couple of months! (the first being here and the second being here)

[In my defense, I don't sit around all day long and read blogs, but I readily admit that taking a few minutes each day for blogging (both reading and writing) serves a much needed and welcome break from dishes, laundry, meal prep, bottles, diapers, play-doh, coloring books, etc.]

My latest lucky win is a CD called Little Clair de Lune: Lullabies on Harp (how angelic!) by the talented Emily Hinchey.

Let me tell you why I'm so excited about this CD:

*I love lullabies

*I love the sound of harps.

*I love it when little ones are peacefully sleeping.

*And I love the song Claire de Lune (which, among other things, makes me think of the ending scene in Ocean's 11 when they are looking at the lights of the Bellagio, but I digress). . .

Needless to say, I am going to LOVE listening to this CD, as will any other babies or children that come into our home.

But the BEST PART is that Emily is donating some of the proceeds from her CD to a charity that improves the conditions of
Orphanages in Bulgaria
. What a beautiful cause.

Thank you, EMILY, for sharing your talents to benefit others.

And Thank you KENNA and KIM for your giveaways!

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Amanda said...

Mary: I tried to comment earlier, but can't seem to find it now! You are more than welcome to link my blog here. Thanks so much for reading my story...I feel extremely blessed that it all turned out so well {finding my birthfamilies). I am so glad to find your hubby and I have been discussing foster care a little bit lately. Thank you for sharing your experiences!