Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Forget She's Adopted!

This afternoon I took Madison to the doctor's office.  Before our appointment I began filling out some required paperwork the receptionist gave me.  I got to the bottom of one section entitled "Patient's Family Medical History" and was about to start checking the appropriate boxes and filling in the blanks with information when Jared [who met us on his lunch break and was glancing over my shoulder as I was filling out the forms] gave me a funny look.

"What?" I looked up and asked. 

"Are you going to start filling out YOUR family's medical history for her?" He questioned with a smirk on his face.

"Oh yeah. . ."
(Sometimes I have to remind myself that my daughter does not have my DNA.)  I forget that she's adopted!

I went back to the medical form, crossed out that section and wrote a large "N/A" across it with the word "Adopted" in parentheses because I honestly don't know about Madison's birthmother's (or birthfather's) family medical history.  

That is one thing we would like to do differently with our next adoption- get as much medical information as possible from our child's birthparents.   

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Von said...

It would be good if it was one of the things America did differently in adoption.