Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adoption Blog Hop

So many blogs . . . so little time! I have a hard enough time keeping up my own blogging let alone reading the blogs of others. Thank goodness it's a rainy day and I'm all caught up on the laundry!

Adoption Magazine is hosting a Blog Hop open to bloggers on all sides of adoption- birthmothers/firstmothers, adoptive parents, adult adoptees, those involved in domestic, international, open, closed, special needs, transracial adoption and foster care. I'm sure there's something new I (and all of us) can learn from someone else's experiences. To peruse the different blogs or to join the blog hop click HERE.

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Miss Patricia. said...

Thanks for this! I just found your blog. I was a foster child for years--with May (National Foster Care Month) coming up, I'm doing a ten day series on my experiences in foster care. I'd love to have your input!!!

New follower!