Sunday, October 7, 2012

Protect the Children

My heart was touched this weekend as I listened to a talk, “Protect The Children” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, an apostle of Jesus Christ and former state Supreme Court Justice.  Here’s a brief video segment from his message followed by a heartfelt plea:

“None should resist the plea that we UNITE to increase our concern for the welfare and future of our children- the rising generation.

We are speaking of the children of God and with His powerful help we can do more to help them.  In this plea I address not only Latter Day Saints, but also all persons of religious faith and others who have a value system that causes them to subordinate their own needs to those of others- especially the welfare of children.”

Certainly not everyone will agree with what was said in this talk, and that’s okay, but regardless of your marital status, sexual orientation, or religious background I think we can all agree that protecting children is crucial.

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jendoop said...

As an LDS church member I've wanted to hear this talk for years. To have a firm declaration that this is a huge part of what we're talking about when we say that we believe in families. Loved this talk!!!