Sunday, September 29, 2013

7:12:0 and Two Babies

A few weeks ago we hit a significant milestone of fostering when we entered the "double digits" in the number of children we've fostered.   We welcomed our second sibling group into our home: a newborn baby girl I will be referring to as "Jill" and her 11 month old brother "Jack"- two babies!  Jack and Jill bring the total number of foster placements we've taken into our home to ten and eleven.

I guess you could say that 7:12:0  are my current "stats" for my personal experiences with foster care.*

7 refers to the number of years we've been doing foster care.
12 refers to the number of placements we've taken.
 0 refers to the number of foster placements we've had which have turned into adoptive placements.

We currently have TWO BABIES of different ages in our home and I can't help but be reminded of the first time we had that experience:  Six years ago (about this time of year, incidentally) we were fostering a four month old baby girl and a couple of weeks later we got a call from our adoption agency about our daughter whom we met (along with her birthmother) for the first time in the NICU when she was just three days old.  We were able to officially adopt our daughter six months later, which was about the same time that our foster daughter returned to her parent's care.

Back to our present situation:

My dear mother graciously offered to give me an extra hand for a couple of days this week as I've juggled appointments for both babies with other obligations.  She made the same comment/observation that she made six years ago: It's much more complicated to care for two babies who are not the same age or at the same developmental level than it is to care for twins.  My mother should know as she is both a mother and grandmother of twins.  Needless to say, our home has been extra busy lately and this may be the only time I have to write about our current situation for another few weeks or so.

*Any foster parents care to share YOUR stats in the comments just for fun?


Steps to Adoption said...

We've been fostering for 1 year, had 4 placements and 0 adoptions.

Unknown said...

2:59:almost 3

We will hit 2 years October 1. We have had 59 children through our home...Foster/concurrent/emergency.
We are just 3-6 months out with adopting 3 (14 girl, 3 Boy, 2 Girl) We just had our 16 year old go back home to mom yesterday and I would assume it being monday, we would get a call and that spot be filled before the end of the day. I have had 8 children every day for 2 years and never a 2 month period with the same kids. Gets crazy around here, but the rewards are endless. I love transitioning kids home to relatives, adoptive parents or back to Bio parents after their plan. So blessed to have this "job":)

A said...

In two months will be our licensing anniversary and we will be adopting our only placement of two brothers!! Crazy, and not typical by any means! And no it was not an adoptive placement....

Cindy said...

Wow, you have been busy. Good luck! You've certainly got your hands full. Our stats are 5:7:0. We may be getting a new placement next week of 3 (ages 4, and 2-year-old twins). If that happens life at our house will get a bit crazier too.

Mie said...

Given your formula - 2/24/1

Meg said...

1 month/1/0

Its a great adventure. We have our first placement and are having a great time!

Carrie said...

3:4:TPR filed for 2

Our current placement has been here 1.75 years and is prayerfully headed toward adoption.

Jennifer said...

0.2.1 We have been approved since January, have fostered 2 and adopted 1.

jmclain6 said...

Been doing foster care for 1 year and 5 months. We've had 1 placement, brothers who were 4 and 17 months when they were placed in our home. Parents rights have been terminated and we are currently pursuing adoption. We have 2 adopted children and 2 bio children and are beyond blessed to add these 2 little boys to our family!

Unknown said...

Almost 5yrs: 6 kids: 1 adoption

Love reading your blog!