Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Meth- Not Even Once

This is not a happy subject but one that needs to be shared.

I can't get these series of clips (produced by methproject.org) out of my head since I watched them this morning:

I've mentioned before how when we first started fostering my focus was on helping the children who were placed in our care.  But I've come to learn that children aren't the only victims foster families aid in helping.

When addictions enslave individuals the consequences are far-reaching and the addiction doesn't just affect the individual but it affects their family members and friends, too.  Like a domino effect, when families are affected then society will be affected.

I admit that in the past when I've witnessed firsthand the suffering our foster children have experienced (or will continue to experience) because of their family's addictions I've concluded that addiction is a choice, and therefore, the addict is the one responsible for their own suffering and the suffering they cause others.  But when I take a step back and set blame aside I realize that addiction is also a disease and can't we all benefit from being more compassionate and less judgmental when people are suffering- regardless of why or how their suffering came about?

To me, the greatest tragedy of alcoholism or drug addiction is that they are totally preventable conditions which is why I feel so strongly about sharing this- even if it helps just one person or one family.

 Click HERE for resources for Help.

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