Friday, August 28, 2015

Adrianne's Story from BraveLove

Here's a video from BraveLove about how one young woman, Adrianne, thought her life was over when she found out she was pregnant.  In fact, she had taken out a loan to get an abortion before she considered adoption as an option.

I thought Adrianne's comments about how her African American culture has historically viewed adoption were insightful.  My hope is that those in her situation will find strength as Adrianne continues to share her story.

As I watched this video one particular quality I appreciated about Adrianne is her ability to offer hope to others while at the same time being realistic about the loss that comes with adoption.  As she says "When you place a child for adoption that is a loss . . . I wish that a lot more African American young ladies would take this step.  It looks bleak right now and I know it's gonna hurt and I know it's gonna be hard but you're gonna be fine."

"To be a birthmother it takes a lot of heart and it takes a lot of strength.  It is one of the greatest things a parent could ever do is to place their child into the hands of someone else to honor and love and care for them.  It's about our children and once we get there we'll be all right." -Adrianne

That's pure unselfishness and bravery right there!

Adrianne's Story from BraveLove on Vimeo.

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