Monday, September 7, 2015

Feel the Fear and Foster Anyway

I know that there is someone reading this right now who is considering becoming a foster parent but who is hesitant because of concerns and fears.

Or perhaps there is someone reading this who has already fostered or adopted but is feeling drawn to get out of their "comfort zone" in terms of the age of children they are willing to take into their home or the number of children or severity of needs.

To any of you (and certainly to myself as well!) who are letting fear hold you back I just have to share a few thoughts- two of which I came across recently within days of each other.  [Call me a mystic, but I don't think things like that happen by coincidence.]


Pam H. said...

Praise God! Thank you for this message. Last night I had almost talked myself out of proceeding with taking the classes that begin tonight, but I awoke this morning believing that God has called me to do this, and if that is so, then He will be with me. Then I read your post. Thank you for your obedience in posting this.

Mary said...

Pam, that makes my heart so happy to hear!

Amelia said...

I just came across your blog. My husband and I have our first orientation tomorrow night to become foster parents. Just like pan stated above, I needed to read this post and realized I was called do this. Thank you!

Mary said...

God bless you and your husband throughout your fostering journey, Amelia!