Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 FSA Conference

Last year was the first time I attended a Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) Conference. It was so inspiring and educational that this year I brought my husband along with me!

This year the Conference's theme was "Letting Love Lead" and on that note probably the best quote from the Conference was from the Keynote Speaker, Troy Dunn, who said,
"My mom introduced the beautiful concept of adoption in a very simple manner. She said, 'There is something that is called prayer trading, and we're going to trade prayers with somebody. Somewhere out there is a girl praying for a good family for her baby. We are going to pray for a good tummy with a baby in it, and we are going to answer each others' prayers."
I was also drawn to attend some of the birthparent panels. I was very impressed in particular with one birthmother, Tamra Hyde, who is very articulate and passionate about adoption. Tamra said something that at first might sound crass, but she made a really good point when she said, "These birthmothers (that place their children for adoption) aren't just your regular knocked-up girls . . ." and she then went on to site some statistics about how rare it is for unwed mothers to actually place their children for adoption.

You can read more about Tamra on her blog or learn a little about her personal story by watching this video or hear her share some of her story whch is featured with other birthmother's stories on

I'm already looking forward to next year's conference!

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