Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christian's Nine Month Update

Christian had his nine month week well baby check a couple of weeks ago and I am happy to announce that  he has gained TEN POUNDS and grown SIX INCHES since being in our care!  He is certainly not the same scrawny, unresponsive baby we picked up from the DCFS Office last last November. In fact, as Christian's dad was undressing his babbling baby down to his diaper at the doctor's appointment he chuckled as he told me that his friends have endearingly given his baby the nickname "Chunker".  I laughed because I've always considered a pudgy baby to be a healthy baby. There's just something about pudginess, dimples, and fat rolls on babies which I find not only cute, but sweetly cherubic as well.

At the doctor's appointment I asked Christian's dad how things are going with day care arrangements. He told me he was in the process of getting some friends to pass background checks before DCFS would even consider them as options for babysitting. Christian's dad also mentioned that Christian's maternal grandmother isn't interested in babysitting for him and Christian's mom now wants to officially and legally relinquish her parental rights so that she won't have to pay child support. When I heard this I told his dad "You just need to find a girlfriend who really loves babies!" half-joking but half-serious.  He gave a slight smile but he also looked a little sad and then fearing that I should have kept my thoughts to myself I said, "I mean it would be nice if you had a girlfriend to help out . . . not that you need to find one."

This is what makes us most sad about Christian leaving: He won't be going home to a mommy. And everybody needs a mommy, right? It's not even a question- it's a fact: Everybody needs a mommy- period. No . . . exclamation mark!

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jendoop said...

Your post struck me, I want to point something out- You aren't just caring for children, you are supporting families, building your community, building a great country for your own children to live in. Does that sound overly dramatic? It is true though! These small conversations (like the one you write about in this post) are what support and encouragement is all about. You are helping a family improve and stay together - that is something awesome in this day when so many things are tearing families apart! It can feel like it's just a drop in the bucket of this tidal wave facing our communities and world. You exemplify the admonition to 'lift where you stand'!