Friday, July 16, 2010

Goodbyes Are Hard

Today is the first day of the Trial Home Placement.   (Skim this post under "BACK TO THE HEARING" to get caught up)

This morning my husband graciously offered to drop Christian off to his dad so that I could shed my tears in the privacy of our own home. 

It's a stay-in-my-pajamas-all day, let-my-child-watch-way-too-much-Disney Channel, take-the-phone-off- the-hook, and bring-on-the-CHOCOLATE kind of day!

Goodbyes are hard.


FootPrints said...

so very sorry. there are no words, that you haven't heard already, that'll make you feel better. this is gods will and we are here to just help him carry it out...even if it takes some heartache.

have a giant piece of chocolate for me too.

jendoop said...

You have done such a good thing, such a selfless thing. I can only imagine your heartache. I hope that the knowledge of the good you have done comforts you. You have made all the difference in Christian's life - and only heaven knows what a difference he can make in the world! It is a domino effect that we don't get the pleasure of seeing to the end, but you have done great good. My prayers are with you and your little one as you struggle through missing Christian.

Maggie said...

Goodbyes are sooo hard, I hurt for you. Praying for you.

Not so Molly Mormon After-All said...

thinking of you Mary, so glad there are good people like you in this world! Hugs!

Rheanna Bristol said...

Hi, I Came from Lds Listings.
I must say as a foster/adoptive parent myself, your post of having to say goodbye is heartbreaking. I completely understand and cry for us both.

Its Hard to understand, not fair, yet so worth the pain and journey. I know this sounds totally crazy, but I would love to just hug you and allow us both to cry out our pain. Comfort of strangers, I guess?
I wish you all the luck and peace.

Stacey said...

My husband and I are going through that adoption process right now and recently have started talking about foster care. I am thankful for your blog!