Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Lending Library

I recently used a wonderful resource for the first time: The Lending Library sponsored by Utah's Child & Family Services Adoption Connection.

The Lending Library contains books and DVD's on subjects such as Family Relations, Grief & Trauma Healing, Special Needs Adoption, Parenting Advice- all of which would most certainly be helpful to foster and adoptive families. 

Q:  So what are the "rules" about the lending library? 

A:  Anyone who has been touched by adoption can can use the lending library and can check out a total of  three books or videos for a total of six weeks.

I was able to "order" a book online and had it sent to me through the mail free of charge (very quickly I might add) and I didn't even have to pay the postage to mail it back!  Cool beans.

I found The Lending Library to be very useful and extremely user-friendly.  Check it out! (pun intended)

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