Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Choosing Adoption: A Birthmother's Story

I first heard Tamra speak at an Adoption Conference a couple of years ago and was amazed at her maturity and articulation about such a complex matter as placing a child for adoption.

I saw this video today and was once again touched as she shared her story.

My favorite lines-

On the TRUTH about Adoption:
"The biggest fallacy about adoption is that birthparents don't want their children."

About LOSS:
"My loss has been more than compensated for. . . the sweetness always swallows up the bitter."

On Birthparents and Adoptive Parents:
"We both sacrificed and we both put something on the altar and we answered each other's prayers."


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jmclain6 said...

I loved this post. I currently have 2 adopted children and 2 foster children. I have such a respect and sense of compassion for their birth mothers. Thank you for sharing!