Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fundraiser For Foster Family to Modify Van For Wheelchair-Bound Son

This morning in my Facebook news feed I came across a fundraiser for a foster family who needs to make modifications to their 15-passenger van in order to accommodate the needs of their 4 year old wheelchair-bound foster (soon to be adopted!) son.  I happen to know that installing a wheelchair lift and tie-downs to a vehicle can be very costly since a family in my neighborhood needed to raise funds to modify their family van as well for one of their medically fragile wheelchair-bound sons as he grew bigger.  [When their son was a baby and toddler it was feasible to get him in and out of the van in his wheelchair, but children GROW and wheelchairs are not light to lift- not to mention it is not easy to make room for the extra medical equipment a medically fragile child must have.] 
Click HERE to read about how a fellow foster mom, Duck Mommy, started this campaign to help her "foster parent mentor."  Or click on the link below to go directly the to the Fundraising Campaign.

I was very impressed with the family who will benefit from this fundraiser, as described in their campaign page.  I underlined the part that impressed me most- What great examples to the rest of us!
 "Kim & Bill White have been foster or group home parents since 1992. In that time, they have provided a safe, loving, and generous home to literally hundreds of foster children and troubled teens. They have picked up newborns from the hospital, helped teens prepare to age out of the system, and everything in between. Most foster families have some restrictions on the children they are willing to accept, but not the Whites. They have parented a teen mom, children of all ages with significant behavioural problems, and medically-needy infants- including one sweet baby who came to them terminally ill and died in their loving arms."

You can't help but want to help this family somehow after reading that, right?  Especially in view of the fact that this foster mother so willingly serves others but is not the type to ask for help.
If you are not in a position to donate please help by spreading the word! 

Best of luck, White Family!

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