Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Graceful Reunification

I came across THIS PHOTO a couple of weeks ago on Facebook:

My first thought was "Wait a minute . . . This isn't like the other pictures I've seen with one or more grinning children holding up a sign announcing that today they were adopted after being in foster care for 561 days."

(561 isn't a random number but happens to be the number of days that Jack & Jill were in our home before we adopted them)

My second thought was "Is it just me or does that birth mom look like she's 15 years old?"  Maybe I'm just feeling old. ;)

Now here's the STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO as written by Lindsay, the gracious foster mom from West Virginia:

I applaud Lindsay and her family for their selflessness and grace at reunification time.  Reunifications are tough and this family will most definitely continue to grieve the loss of their foster daughter.  

On a related note:

Kudos to this foster family for helping another family stay together and for giving the mother of their foster daughter another chance.

May this sweet baby's mother, Keisha, have all the support she needs to stay sober and continue to parent.

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